Touchdown! Score! It’s Super Bowl time at Houck’s Grille!

The rumble of the crowd, the teams, and the football jerseys are set and ready to go.  The energy is palpable.  One team will lose and the other will walk away with the prized ring.  What is it? The Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7th. 

Just nearly everybody stops and takes time on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game (or the commercials, at least).  It’s a game that energizes the nation. It’s time with our loved ones. It’s anticipation and excitement that unites us in competition. And it’s a party that everybody loves. We are held captive as we watch each play, hoping for a first down, yelling at the umpire, and praying that the team we are cheering on makes that first touchdown.  All of this happening while we anxiously wait for what we REALLY came here to watch: the halftime show. Unless, of course, you’re like us-then what you’re really here for is the snacks. 

Here at Houck’s, we’ve got snacks and football covered. We spend all year watching football with you on our 10 large screen TV’s. This Super Bowl Sunday we want to invite you to come join us at Houck’s for food and drink specials all day! Come watch the Super Bowl at our place, we provide the snacks, AND we will even do the cleaning up for you. What Could be better?

Stay tuned for more information about our specials this Super Bowl Sunday!


What’s on tap?  The best of course. Our newly renovated bar features 12 taps serving beer from all over the country and beyond! We love to support our local breweries, so come and try some good ole Georgia brewed beer. In addition to the amazing draft beers we serve, we have a HUGE selection of bottled & canned beers, wine, and craft cocktails for you to choose from.  You can check out our beverage menu here on our website for a detailed list of all that we offer. But to find out what we have on our rotating seasonal taps, stop on by or check our social media pages!

While all of this drinking and eating and yelling at TV’s sounds super fun, we know that times are different now. With that in mind, this year we will be offering some package deals for take-out orders to make your at-home-party a breeze. You can watch the game in your pajamas AND bring the best of Houck’s home with you. Either way, we have a feeling that Super Bowl LV is going to be a good one!


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