March Madness at Houck’s Grille


10930 Crabapple Road Suite B120 Roswell, GA 30075 

Everybody knows that spring brings the greatest collegiate basketball tournament known, really to the world.  It’s the NCAA Division-Men’s Basketball Tournament also known as March Madness! Tens of millions of fans even participate in a bracket pool contest each year. The whole thing is a national tradition. So, eyes are on the ball. Alums and fans of each of the 68 college teams participating don their logo wear, hang their flag in front of their house, decorate their car, and get ready for the tournament to begin. Originating in 1939 it has plenty of history and fans awaiting those special 3 weeks in March to get the game on!

Ready to go for the extra experience. We invite you to take these games in at our cool pad, Houck’s Grill.

Great Selection of Micro-Brews in Roswell, GA

Get me on tap
The best in micro-brews and on tap ready to serve to you are right there awaiting your presence. A nice cold one will help you celebrate the win of your pick. Or instead you might need to cool your head and put salve on those wounds if your favorite loses. Our choice line of brews will help in any event.


If they’re playing? We’re partying. See you here!

Great Selection of American Cuisine in Roswell, GA

We have the eats
Remember we have all Chef driven American cuisine. We have the wings, appetizers, burgers, and entrees. All that you can dream up in your mind we have you covered. 

You will see that by just viewing our amazing cuisine to wings on our website. No doubt, your mouth will start watering and you will want to get your friends and family there to catch the spirit of college basketball at its best.

You have to
check us out.  If you have never been to Houck’s just visit us on our website so you can see, touch, and feel what you are in for when you come to see the game. NICE!

We have been here since 1986 and have had plenty of experience creating a backdrop and menus that will leave long-term memories. We think this year will be the best and we want you to be there in the seats. We will give you  all of the energy of the auditorium but in addition fabulous food and beer and time for good cheer to boot.

Get your game on and mark your calendar the fun all starts Thursday  March, 17 2022.

Ready to see some hoops? Plan for joining us for
March Madness Houck’s Grill Style. Leave your stove clean, join us at Houck’s in our cool basketball ready atmosphere and we will take care of the rest.
Can we say that is all net!

Houck’s Grill
10930 Crabapple Road
Suite B120
Roswell, GA  30075

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